After working on a recent major bid, I was able to compare the experience to one of my favourite past times – an AFL match. Let me explain how the game of tenders can be likened to football…

For me, there are three key moments in an AFL match:

  1. The bounce
  2. Half time and
  3. The final siren.

The bounce in an AFL match is like the mobilisation of a bid team. This is the bums on seats and hot chips. Like the AFL team, the bid team comes together with a varied skill set and running through the team banner is like your whole team coming together with the vision of the end game – playing your best game, with your strategy, and ultimately playing to win. It is a competition as well as a test of skills.Before we know it, we’re at half time which I really love because it is the perfect time to recap all those great moments you have seen from the players. It is your speckies, the fluid handballs and the key moments. Key moments like ‘ball!’ (Oh dear) and ‘What a mark!’ (AKA ‘That was AWESOME!’).

In a bid, half time is similar to the final draft phase of the writing process. (At Aurora Marketing, we follow a 3-draft writing process which you can read about here). The final draft is the time to assess all the great ideas and solutions developed so far and get a feel for whether your team is bringing its A-game or will need to dig deeper in the next half. And like an AFL team might review its stats to objectively assess how they are performing, we also have an objective scoring process to help the team see how it is tracking. For each deliverable, we review the following 8 elements to guide the team to prepare the most comprehensive, compelling and persuasive deliverables for the bid:

  • Structure
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Project Objectives
  • Risks and Challenges
  • Evidence
  • Unique Approach
  • Competitive Edge
  • Win themes.

And then we’re in to the most exciting part of the game and counting down the minutes until the final siren. The bid equivalent is the intense phase of the final reviews, bid board and sponsor signoff processes. The team pulls together, backs each other up and drives forward. If they are lucky, the team is in the zone and playing in sync. If not, sometimes they get some 50-metre penalties and have to take a breath and make good. As the minutes count down, the team brings their best game and pull out all the stops to score every point. I love seeing the most skilled people in their profession bring their best game – both on the field and in the bid office. And I never cease to be impressed with their endurance, passion and focus. What a game!

Aurora Marketing are the elite athletes of major bids, from the pre-season right through to the premiership celebrations. If you would like assistance bringing your A-game to your next major bid call us on 07 3122 4299 or contact us at info@254.152.

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